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XF 1.2 Logged out on Mobile?


Active member
Hey all,

I am having a weird issue. For some reason mobile users are not able to stay logged in even when they check the box that says "Stay Logged in"

Here is my Architecture:

1. 1x AWS ELB (LoadBalancer) - Points to 2.
2. 3x NGINX PHP-FPM servers - Points to 3.
3. 3x PHP-FPM upstream servers per NGINX system.
4. 1x MemCacheD Server.
5. 1x Shared Storage system for Data & Internal Data
6. XenForo has SessionsCaching enabled.

My assumption was that with all session caches in the cache server that it wouldn't matter what server you ended up on through the LB, that you would remain logged in. And it seems to work for the most part on the desktop. But on mobile devices it doesn't. I can confirm that with continual usage, you do not get logged out. But should that check box exclude you from any expirations or hourly crons?

Any thoughts?

Liam W

Well-known member
Could it be that their IP address is constantly changing, so the session is expiring?

That issue regularly happens for me when tethering etc.