List of moderators for each forum


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I've liked the suggestion, not because I'll use it (all my mods are global), but because I can see the benefit for a site of your size / set-up. (y)

Stuart Wright

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There is now an addon for this. I would change the wording in my original post. I would say that making a moderator list available in each forum is essential. A member wants help in a specific forum. Perhaps with how to use that specific forum and it's rules. Who do they ask? I often reply to unwanted conversations and emails with 'Ask a moderator'. Need an obvious list for each forum.

Stuart Wright

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I think we need this as core functionality:
A list of the moderators assigned to each forum. We show the ones most recently online at the top.

I would also like to see a list of all the moderators, please, on a separate page, grouped by name and by node they moderate.
In this way, the members and our supermoderators can see at a glance which moderators moderate which forums and which forums have which moderators. We have more than 50 moderators, so this would be extremely useful.