Private forums and invite only by moderators of each forum.


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I am looking to create a forum site with many private forums that each independently is moderated by separate individuals. Each moderator will need to be able to send out a invite by email and those invites will allow users to join the site for the public forums and as well only the private forum of that moderator that has sent the invite and no other private forums already on the site. I could expect hundreds of private forums if the site does what is intended. Can someone explain how I can do this with the software?
Thanks in advance.
That's going to require custom development.

At first I was thinking you could ask @Siropu to see if he's willing to add user group promotion on signup to his Referral System addon. That way, you should be able to restrict permissions for the average user and only give the right permissions to people who sign up with a referral link.

But after that, you're going to need some way for the person to opt into the proper private section of the site.
This is a support question that requires you to first purchase the software which will allow you to ask this in the appropriate forum. The others are right that this would take development work, too.
Thanks everyone for the response, I will contact Siropu and see what they can suggest before I commit to purchase so I have a understanding of cost. I was originally looking at VBulletin, it looks like it can do what I need but I get the sense from comments on Youtube that the support is not very good and in testing I found the software somewhat complicated for me.
Thanks - all suggestions are welcome.
A Social Group add-on is similar to what you want, there's two in the Resources section, you may want to talk to those developers to see if they could add what you need.
This can solve your problem.
We do something similar by using the advanced forms add-on:
members fill out the form, which is then sent to a moderators forum for reviewing- and if approved- the member gets added to the usergroup.
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