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I'm trying to post a thread with a lot of smilies.

So some reason, when I post with all the images working and visible inline, when I hit post, it turns the images into links after say 40-50 images. (I didn't actually count).

My question is, besides the user group, where else can I check for where it's converting the images into links, vice viewing the images inline?

I've been looking and looking for this setting.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Here's a picture of whats happening..

It's converting images to links. Anyone have any idea what setting I should be looking for? Like I said, when I paste them, they display. It's only when I hit post reply, that they links show up..



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It actually looks like something is being mis-parsed there. I don't appear to be able to view the thread, but ideally, we'd need to see the raw BB code. Can you edit the post, switch to the BB code output, and paste it into [code]...[/code] tags here?