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My new forum is very image heavy - members sharing photos a lot. It appears the maximum upload file size is just over 1mb in the ACP. I read elsewhere on here that it's possible to increase that to say, 10mb, per file. And that the forum resize will then automatically resize images. Is that correct? If so I would like to increase the maximum file size because members find it annoying having to try and resize their images before uploading (and some struggle with the technical aspects of trying to do that).

Are there any downsides to increasing it to 10mb? I would it slow the site down for example.
1st: Allow up to 10MB or even 20MB; it doesn't matter if you follow this guide.
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2nd: Set the max pixel dimensions to something like this or lower, like 1080.
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Install and configure this addon:

Mine are set to 65% quality for PNG and JPG.
Still better quality than Facebook optimizes its images.

It's frustrating for your users to not be able to upload images, especially captured from smartphones that usually have a 5-10MB file size.
After doing the 3 steps above, PNG or JPG images should always be below 500KB, stored on your server, and served to your users.
Just an example, original image from:

A 10MB file, after uploaded as attachment the final size is now: 582 KB :)
Is this still for XF 2.2?
I use this add-on too for my big board. Here are the stats:
Schermafbeelding 2022-11-05 om 07.23.43.png

Only thing you need to know is that this add-on requires some binaries to be present. You must have the option to install/download those, so it will probably not work if you use a shared hosting plan (ask your host to be sure).
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