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I think it would be a good idea to offer a x% valid discount on new orders..

So imagine this: Create a new area in the purchase process where someone can get a discount if they give you a valid license for another forum software like:
  • IP.Board
  • vbulletin
You see? What do you think?

Chris D

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The software overall is already considerably cheaper than both of them.

You only get discounts if you already own multiple licenses.


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Are you saying if you convert from IPB or vB and give XenForo your licence, you should get a discount on the purchase? If so, what would XenForo want with a mountain of competitors licences?


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It would cost you $20 to transfer an IPB license, and vBulletin makes it difficult to transfer licenses in general. It would be more a hassle than it would be worth, IMO.

You'd do better just selling your old licenses on the secondary market, assuming it's transferrable of course.
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