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I thought I might as well post this up. I helped someone with quite a few things and well it wasn't all that hard and I thought why not release it to the public? I will do just about anything you need except for custom coding and designing(that takes time lol). Also I would like for it to be understood that this is something I do on my spare time :). It is entirely free, from xf installs, upgrades, mod installs, upgrades, etc. I wish I could say what else there will be coming to this service soon(I have alot to offer) but I do not have the time to do some of the other things I want to at this moment. If moderators would like to merge my other post with this then please feel free to do so. Please send me a conversation if you need anything done, give me enough time to do it, and it will be done :).

Once again, you might be asking "Why do you offer this for free?"

A: I really have nothing better to do with my life and I find XenForo so easy to work with. I also just love the thought of helping people.


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Took Legacy up on his offer to migrate a bigboard. Havent had the time to do the migration. Will let everyone know how it goes..