The Resource Manager add-on should not be free

How much would you be willing to pay for the Resource Manager?

  • $10 - $20

    Votes: 17 15.2%
  • $20 - $50

    Votes: 37 33.0%
  • $70

    Votes: 7 6.3%
  • I need it, but I will not buy it

    Votes: 28 25.0%
  • I have no need of a Resource Manager

    Votes: 23 20.5%

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Rigel Kentaurus

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After I saw a couple of screenshots for the Resource Manager, I concluded that it looked really, really well done, almost a product by itself. And the more I thought about that, I think it might actually make sense that it is not free. My reasoning..

1) It sets a precedent

If you give something for free, people are not grateful. They will expect more things for free in the future. If you don't charge for this add-on like functionality now, later, people will expect any other add-on to be completely free.

2) It really should be an add-on (no feature creep, please)

I don't think all and every community needs a Resource Manager. Even if it can be disabled the fact is that other people may not need it to be present, at all. By it being a separate, thing, you contribute to the feeling that XF has a really strong core, and that extra functionality can be enabled

XenForo should not be "bloatware" with a lot of features added. People complain a lot about features they really don't need. This way, they would not even get them.

3) Extra money helps XenForo

Especially for the early stages, the cash flow is really important. Do you expect a bunch of people buying licenses because there is a bundled Resource Manager? Most likely they would buy xf because a Resource Manager can be added easily.

4) Keeps people real

Software development costs money. Giving stuff away does not contribute to the fact that developers need to eat and support their family.

It is not like 1.1 would be an empty release without it. Just the awesome features here ( are enough for a 1.1 release, the Resource Manager could not be there and the release would be awesome.

If you do follow this model, I have a couple of things to ask (not that you have to listen to me, of course)

1) Make the price fair. Certainly not $70, but.. maybe $20? Make it so it is not prohibitive if I just want to drive-test it for something in my forum

2) Make it for-life. I hate renewing add-ons. I wish they were covered on my license renewal. I would not care if the add-on was a little pricier if it were free to use for life.

And last ...

Please, do not make the same mistake as other forum software, that released a blog add-on and completely forgot about improving it. I once suggested that the addons should have their own team dedicated only to that add-on and not sharing time with the main forum product (or reporting to the main product maanger). Maybe XenForo is not that size, but it is sad to see the add-ons being offered as an awesome feature once and as a rotting feature 2-3 years on the run.


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Whoever said it will ever be free? It's already stated that it will not be free. Details will come out at appropriate time.

Rigel Kentaurus

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Whoever said it will ever be free? It's already stated that it will not be free. Details will come out at appropriate time.
I do not think it has been stated that it will be free or not free, and if so, I have missed that discussion.
I did find some comment from Mike that kind of implies that it will be charged for ( but that is it. If there is some other tweet or info relevant to the pricing, I would love to see it.

The purpose of the thread is not to get any confirmation from the devs or any official word, or to pressure them in any way, as I do not really care about having a release date or pricing now but until it is relevant, but rather to have some (hopefully healthy) community discussion on the topic.

Digital Doctor

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Q: How much would you be willing to pay for the Resource Manager?
A: Depends on the feature set.

People are looking for xenforo to make a gallery and a CMS.

Should precious resources be put into making a resource manager at into a widely distributable addon ?

FWIW, many people were concerned when I suggested people pay $5 for an Arcade Addon.

I think the demand for a Resource Manager identical to one that is likely to be deployed at would be a niche product for the a majority of xenforo customers. With that in mind, Xenforo won't get much revenue from the addon.

The easiest and quickest way for Xenforo to be a commercial success lies in making it very obvious that all vBulletin admins should migrate to Xenforo. Continuing to make a good product will help it also attract new webmasters whom want to deploy a forum.

If I was Xenforo, I would get out of the Addon market entirely. I would make a great API, make developers happy with showing how they can make money with Xenforo Addons, and let the power of hundreds of developers drive core sales. I would make Xenforo the defacto forum for a Wordpress site. I would continue to Innovate the Core, future-proofing xenforo by making it a pseudo development platform vs. just a forum.

A bountiful supply of supported, low cost, high quality addons would bring vBulletin admins flocking to xenforo.


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I think $100 (as someone suggested) seems very high, about half that price at $50 seems to be a sweet spot for myself but then I'd only buy it if I was sure I would need it, if it was cheaper then it's probably something I would buy to test out on my forums, see if it's used or needed and not be too worried that I wasted $3o if it turned out it wasn't.

Digital Doctor

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I just hope Xenforo don't end up like IPB where 99% of the stuff in their resource page have price attached to them. Even ugly themes or simply recoloring default theme cost something.
Do you mean this Resource Page ?
IPS Marketplace

1,381 files in IP.Board section.
I count 460+ free files (out of 787) in IP.Board Modifications alone.

FWIW, I'd say there is a bug in it ... When I toggle to "Paid Only" and then click Most Popular ... it lists Most popular (paid and free) not just Paid.


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I guess I need to return to the screenshots wherever they are but I always assumed it was going to be part of this site, not something you installed on your own.


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I just hope Xenforo don't end up like IPB where 99% of the stuff in their resource page have price attached to them. Even ugly themes or simply recoloring default theme cost something.
The resource manager will not support paid add-ons in the beginning, though Kier stated he wants it to later on.


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I am sorry for my bad English.

Probably, the Resource Manager in the form of specialized CMS or a forum, and a high-grade repository will be better to make not simply? Then add-ons can trace in the future the updatings, and also possibility of conflicts among themselves.
In this case it is possible and it will be necessary to do or a paid subscription, or only for having the license. It will be additional stimulus of use of a license copy unlike piracy copies.


From the Screenshots i saw its a very good "Add On" and i would like to use it. Also XenForo needs the extra part of Money. Unfortunatly i can not spend a lot of money and would be happy if it´s something around 50$ what probably remains a dream ;)


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See, threads like this is what caused Internet Brands to charge vB4's Suite for exactly $285.

And for this reason, I hate you. I hate everyone who suggest stuff like this. Why? Because in one corner, people want cheaper, on the other end, we have people like you who like to make threads like this saying "This should not be free." As if it is a bad thing.

And then we have the whole affordability issue: Some can't afford this price, and that price.

Back when iB was close to acquiring vBulletin/Jelsoft... One member thought it was genius to say "I think Jelsoft should charge more for vBulletin." and "I think vBulletin should cost more." And so, look what we got here... An expensive forum software that outraged customers to no end. Then now we have one on xenforo... LEARN TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

Agh! *infuriated agony ensues*

What makes me frustrated about threads like this is that those who make the suggestions are probably laughing at everyone who is paying the price for their own suggestion. The members at vBulletin that suggested this kind of price increase or pricing for "add-ons" did it in one sentence, so it comes off "Lets see how everyone reacts if the price of the software was higher." Laced with this sort of sarcastic feeling, this tone.

I'm hoping that Kier doesn't see this thread, nor Mike, or Ashley, and quickly makes the decision to move forward with a price for Resource.


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Brogan... Let me put it this way.

Suppose this kid suggests that its a great idea to charge more for ice cream, and you see 10-30 people lining up for the ice cream, business person x raises the price to a whooping $30 per ice cream. Ice Cream, Brogan. ICE CREAM. Guess what's going to happen to the poor kid that suggested it? He'll get this glaring looks from all the customers in line. One person will have this to say to him "stupid moron." Another one is going to say "Why did you do that, big mouth?"

Parents would also be scrambling for money in their pockets, going back into the house to find that money, to appease their own kids.