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Pierre Boulanger

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After a month hopfully today we will go live but there are a couple of issues to address:

1) There is an issue with Global moderators. Even though they have all the required permission and appear in user lists correctly in their profile appear as members!2013-08-02 10_25_35-Flaminio Bertoni _ my2cv.gr - The story of a legend.jpg

2013-08-02 10_25_54-my2cv.gr - The story of a legend.jpg

2) Is it possible to center small user names?
2013-08-02 10_25_02-Final Migration - Readme _ my2cv.gr - The story of a legend.jpg


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Pierre Boulanger

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2. Add to EXTRA.css:
.messageUserBlock a.username {
text-align: center;

Please i need your advice here.. I added this code and the smaller user names are centered but in iPhone looks like this. Is it anything that we can do?