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Pierre Boulanger

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After a month hopfully today we will go live but there are a couple of issues to address:

1) There is an issue with Global moderators. Even though they have all the required permission and appear in user lists correctly in their profile appear as members!2013-08-02 10_25_35-Flaminio Bertoni _ my2cv.gr - The story of a legend.jpg

2013-08-02 10_25_54-my2cv.gr - The story of a legend.jpg

2) Is it possible to center small user names?
2013-08-02 10_25_02-Final Migration - Readme _ my2cv.gr - The story of a legend.jpg


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Pierre Boulanger

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I have select manual activation for new users and in "phrases" there is an option were you can email new user to wait for an Admin to activate the account. This mail is never sent! Could you please remind me were i can activate it from?