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Using other forum-packages it is always ever so handy to... PM yourself.

I have the need to remind myself of things to do/threads to look into, drafts of text to save for easy access later on, and so on. It is really handy to have the ability to PM yourself, as it is to email yourself for example (as many people do).

Yes, I know we have notepad, email, evernote or whatever app you use to take notes, but the best thing (for me) when it comes to forums, is to do it actually there were the context/environment is what all these notes are about in the first place and that is... on the specific forum itself.

So, when you are an admin on your own board it is no problem, since you can create non-public forums and put there all your notes/reminders/draft texts in. But, when you are just a forum member like overhere at, there is simply no easy way to collect your notes.

Luckily we do already have a potentially perfect system to accomplish this all. No need for admin-privileges and create any non-public forums, no: just use the Conversations part of Xenforo as your own private space to gather all your private idea/thoughts/text drafts etc.

Only one problem:

conversation with yourself.png

In XF is it not possible to PM yourself.

If this 'block' could be considered to be removed for a future release, then it would be a great extension/added value to the Conversations system in XF.

And... if XF would offer more tools to actually organize our Conversations better (see for example:, then it's a match made in heaven, since then it becomes possible to easily organize one's notes/conversations with yourself.

Please do [like] this first posting if you think it is a good feature suggestion for XenForo.

Chris D

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This is a suggestion regarding your suggestion/s.

Your suggestion is likely to get more traction and support from others if they were slightly more succinct. My version of your suggestion would be:

I think it would be useful to allow a user to be able to start Conversations with themselves because I would use that ability as a way to leave myself reminders for things.
The title, also, would probably be better as:

Allow a user to start conversations with themselves
A lot of the time being so verbose is just going to put people off reading your suggestions.

Of course, sometimes, a bit more depth to a suggestion is useful. Especially if it is a complicated concept, or you have specific ideas of how something should function, but certainly in this case, sometimes less is more.


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Thank you @Chris D for your honest feedback. For some reason I did not read your comment before, but I am happy I do now.

Here it is: reading through many of my own postings from the past years (since 2001) in recent weeks, made me feel occasionally tired... :sleep:.
Erm... if that is not a signal enough that mirrors your feedback, I don't know what more signals one would need! :X3:

In writings (on forums or all other media) I have always been long-winded. Its is simply the way I write, which is a good quality when you want to write a book (coming someday...), but obviously the audience over here are not fervent book readers...

So, I do appreciate your observation and hope to surprise myself to be able to be slightly (for a start ;-) ) more succinct.