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[OzzModz] Start Conversations With Staff Only 2.0.0

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[OzzModz] Start Conversations With Staff Only - Restrict groups to start conversations with staff only

This simple addon will allow you to set usergroups that will only be able to start conversations with staff. This is useful if you have new users registering and sending spam conversations to your users. Generally in XF to avoid that, you would revoke the start conversation for the registered group, Problem with that is the user can not start a conversation with staff if needed. This addon solves that problem.

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This would be more useful if there was an option to limit it to 5 posts or whatever. Spammers usually head straight to PMs.
Use the user promotion system. Registered users can only send PM’s to staff, once they reach X posts, promote them to a usergroup that can send PM’s to everyone.
Unnecessary fuss and bother. I already have it set up to have the first X posts require admin approval without needing an extra usergroup. If this addon allowed me to do that for PMs it would be perfect.
Why, you just tie it in the same time with posts sent to approval queue and PMs using same usergroup.

How do you achieve it without one more usergroup?
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