Kayako forums now powered by XenForo!


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Earlier, Jamie Edwards, Chief Business Development Officer at Kayako Infotech, producing leading helpdesk CRM software, Kayako, released information that Kayako's community forums would be migrating away from vBulletin to XenForo.

Earlier this week, I noticed that the Kayako had indeed followed the event, and converted to Kayako. The forum loads quickly and I think they've done a great job - apart from the fact that there's now a guest group, of which everyone is a part of.

Well Done Kayako!



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This should get the friendly competition a bit worried - Kayako are a widely respected business!


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Kayako has a decent support system. Glad to see they found the right path :D
Keep‘em Coming :)


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Hey good to hear :)

I agree with those who have expressed the wish they had of changed the default skin, would have been nice to see, perhaps it is in their plans.

Great to see more Xenforos out there!


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I'm not whining...just hoping that they change it...omg...does everyone troll on this site...
I apologize if I sounds like I was trolling as that was not my intention; I was merely attempting sarcasm to point out that some of the demands are a bit premature considering xenForo is not even declared "stable" yet


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i dont see the significance of this kayako board.
its not particularly big or busy. not a company most people would have heard of...
i could understand this sort of reaction if steam or ubuntu or mozilla started running xf, but kayako???