XF 1.5 Is XF using "maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com" ?


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Is XF using "maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com" ?

I just had connection-issues with my website and the website was not fully loading, because the browser was trying to connect to "maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com" ?

Is XenForo-software using this "maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com" somewhere is their software ?

I am not using any CDN, I am just on a regular "Shared Hosting Account", so I am wondering where this "maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com" coming from ?
It definitely shows connection-issues for my website on a regular basis.

Thanks !


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Yes, this is used if you have the Media Gallery for Font Awesome. A lot of third-party styles include Font Awesome as well so may use it too.

Chris D

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There is an option to disable Font Awesome in the Gallery.

Admin CP > Applications > Gallery Options

It's right at the bottom of the page.

If you disable Font Awesome, no icons will be displayed in the Gallery.

You can, however, add Font Awesome locally. There may be add-ons or guides that advice on how to do this. I did find one add-on but there could be others: