Not a bug After using one button XF Update from in ACP, a false positve error message is displaying


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Affected version
2.2.10 / 2.2.11
Xenforo 2.2.10 (up to this my license is actual and OK)
Xenforo 2.2.11 Security Fix ( to this version i have now updated over the up comming one click buton in my ACP)

  1. What I do:
    In my ACP (XF 2.2.10) I see the button for the on click Xenforo update to the actual security fix 2.2.11.
  2. I click it, the update runs proper.
  3. But after I was back to my ACP, I see this message box:
Yes - the licence of this specific forum from me is shortly out of date (license was OK up to 2.2.10). But the security fix is free to use as a download from Xenforo forum. So I think that is a false positive error message in this specific case, a little bug? Or doesnt should popup the Update Button?