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XF 1.4 IPB To Xenforo Questions (URLs)

I have a political forum that is pretty straightforward. Not many addons, just a straight forum. No gallery, no portal and I intend to keep it that way for the forseeable future. I just want to modernize it with XF :)

Thanks to guides like this I am feeling pretty good about things going smoothly. My concern is URL redirects after the conversion. I'm not too picky about keeping the same URL structure since this site doesn't get a ton of traffic right now but I do want to ensure that if the structure has to change, all of my old links are redirected properly. Specifically, I want to ensure they are 301 redirected properly.

How have others who have converted IPB handled this problem?
I installed the redirect script per instructions but all it does is redirect old urls to the root domain name. Any suggestions?