Invoke JS function when "Create Thread" button is clicked?


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I'm working on a minor tweak to an add-on and, as part of it, I would like to invoke a javascript function with the "Create Thread" button is clicked.

I've tried going down the path of using jQuery but ran into a bit of a stumbling block because the "Create Thread" buttons don't have ID values assigned to them ("them" because there are two on the page when creating a thread).

My real goal is to change the value of a text box after clicking the "Create Thread" button and before the form post kicks in but to keep it simple I'm starting with just generating a standard JS alert message for testing.

With that it mind... what approach would you take to invoke a JS function when clicking on the "Create Thread" button?

Just to be clear, if you were at and clicked either of the "Create Thread" buttons, how would you go go about displaying a JS alert message when the button is clicked?


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Try this to select the button in jQuery:

$(".thread_create input[type='submit']").click(function(e) {
    // Event handler goes here...