Create thread button does nothing in one forum


Hey guys.
For some strange reason, when I go to create a thread on our forum using Chrome, nothing happens.

I can create threads just fine in other sections of our forum, but not in this one. The progress bar at the top right corner just blinks briefly and then disappears. I don't get the usual "Your thread has been posted" notification at the top. It just stays the way it is. I can't preview either. The buttons "Create thread", "Upload a File" and "Preview" briefly get greyed out, but then go back to their original state. At the end, no new thread.

There is nothing in any of the admin logs. I haven't heard of anyone else come across this issue. Works fine in Firefox. Very strange. Any ideas?

EDIT: Just as I finished writing this, it dawned on me that maybe AdBlock plugin is the culprit. Disabling it did the trick. I'm guessing it's because the forum is called "Advertising discussion"? :boggle:

Anyway, sorry to waste time. Hope this helps someone else.
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