Lack of interest Intergrade Menu With Breadcrumb


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I know I'll probably get flamed for this because of traditional forum users, but what about intergrading the menu into the breadcrumb?

Example Breadcrumb: (home> forum), (home > forum > example topic).

There should also be dropdown menu's for breadcrumb items.

Example Breadcrumb Of Home Mouse-over: (home > forum > example topic).
- Help
- Members
- Profile
- Search
- Login/Logout

Example Breadcrumb Of Forum Mouse-over: (home > forum > example topic).
- Mark Forums Read
- Watch Threads
- What's New?

Example Breadcrumb Of Topic Mouse-over: (home > forum > example topic).
- Watch Thread
- Delete Thread
- Edit Thread
- Move Thread

The quick profile info, inbox, and alerts stay where they are.


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Damnit, this sucky editor didn't align the sub-menu under there proper places and there is no <pre> bbc.

Chris D

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To format it you could use the indent bbcode!

Good idea though. In theory this would be a relatively straight forward add on... Good suggestion for the core though.