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I'm considering xenForo for a Wordpress site that will offer marketing and support info (including a forum) for an app I'm developing. As currently planned, the site will have no traditional Wordpress posts/commenting, so user interaction will be solely through a forum.

I'll be using the Elegant Themes Divi theme (see the live demo) and am wondering:

1. Can a xenForo forum be seamlessly integrated so that it has the same wrapper, navigation, look/feel as the rest of the site?

2. To achieve #1, I'm guessing the out-of-the box xenForo solution would not be plug-and-play. It's great if it is, but if not, how much customization is required? On a scale of 1 (no brainer) to 10 (painful heavy-lifting). :) If you're a developer who has done this and can give a ballpark figure for cost/time – or at least would like to start a conversation about this – please get in touch.

3. Can the integration maintain all of xenForo's responsive design features?

Thank you!


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Integrating something like this would probably be a fair amount of work, though it might vary based on how much you're trying to do specifically. XenForo's system and CSS has no bearing on WordPress or any WP theme, so you'd basically be starting from scratch trying to bring things over or adapting similar concepts to look similar.

If you build off the XF base, I don't see why it couldn't maintain the responsive features.
Thanks for the reply, Mike. I wonder if I made this look more complicated than it is. So let me back up...

Essentially I just want a common header and footer for the pages on my site. Wordpress can handle that for all but the forum page. So I need a way to wrap xenForo with a header and footer that mimics the rest of the site.

The header and footer won't have much in the way of "bling" or complexity -- just images and links. The most technically complex thing will be one or two dropdown menus in the header.

And I'd want it to be responsive.

So with that said, does the work sound any less complicated? Thanks for considering!


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This is not complicated for someone familiar with both WP themes and XF styles. @Russ did some modifications for me. He's very busy because he is good. Take a look at the XF styles in the resources and choose one you like. Next, contact a person to modify that style so that it has the same look as the WP side.


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That doesn't sound as complicated, though you may need to adapt HTML/CSS to fit the basis that XenForo provides. It sounds like it'd mostly be editing the header and footer templates (or the general PAGE_CONTAINER elements).


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I may not seen this as easy as it is, maybe you need to address same name CSS classes or jquery conflict that may occurred which may broken your xenforo. Theme customizer that changes text color and background in your WP theme, may not work in xenforo.