XF 1.4 Install stuck after Setup Options

Chazz Layne

I've run into a strange problem during installation. Everything goes smoothly right up to the Installer's step 4 (not the manual's step 4) at the Setup Options page. Clicking the Setup Options button simply dumps back to webroot, leaving the install incomplete. Attempting to access the forum directory (/forum) then also kicks back out to webroot. Starting the install over reveals an install in progress, but continuing it and starting from scratch both lead back to the same problem at the Setup Options page.

I've already tried:
- Verifying config.php created properly (it did)
- Checking the server logs for errors (there were none)
- Deleting all files/database and starting over
- Deleting the entire cPanel account and starting over
- Disabling CSF, followed by a full server reboot (I've seen similar issues from CSF in the past)

The incomplete install can be found at Index of /

The environment is a more or less default CentOS 6.6 WHM/cPanel box which is dedicated. I'm setting XF up on a dedicated IP using the IP as the URL for now, pending a migration once XF is set up. Not sure what to try next, I'm a bit of an XF n00b (second XF install)...though I'm no stranger to running that other forum or managing servers. :)


XenForo developer
Staff member
There appears to be a redirect happening in a case I'm not expecting one to be triggered, though it does appear to be from XF as I can see an xf_session cookie being set. We might need you to submit a ticket regarding this so we can look into it more with FTP access.