[Included Feature] Trophies?


I put the question mark because the question has me baffled.

You need to explain what you want. We can't implement any changes without a clear explanation of what you want changed.

I asked if that system will be included as a feature in the final release of Xen.


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not to bump this thread up Mike but in the admin area can we define what users will recieve trophy points for and is there anything in the way of a trophy showcase page to show a users trophies, ( i am not asking for the second just inquiring while i was writing this post anyway , I'm more concerned with first part of my question.)


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Yes, trophies are editable - I know there are some screenshots somewhere around here... The system will be expanded in the future.

And the number of trophy points is clickable in a user's profile. It brings up all the trophies they've been awarded.


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I'm lucky if I remember punctuation , I swear I edit posts more than I post because of that. I remembered to punctuate this though, probably because we're talking about punctuations.