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I'm a bit confused about user titles and trophies and the settings in the admin panel. Every now and then I am told I have a trophy. But nothing visual? I'd have thought different levels of trophies or coloured banners or something would appear under a username.

Also nothing was showing for titles under members names but have just changed the user title ladder field and ticked messages instead of trophies - and now the titles appear under the names. So is it either/or? Can you not have trophies if you have titles?

Also the styling of the titles - I'd like them to have a bit more colour or styling or something.

Any tips gratefully received.
Thanks - so they're not actually pictures of trophies :) ? I've seen that kind of thing on other forums (or is that badges?)

Not quite sure how I would style in extra.less . Looking at your picture and titles above. The Moderator title looks fine in plain type because you have the coloured "Staff member" bit underneath. So for members who aren't staff members, mods etc, Some kind of colour/trophy type thing under the title would look good!
You can create user group badges/banners and style them.

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