Linking group promotions and trophies for awards with promotions etc.


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This is a slight twist on my other suggestion of sending an alert with a group promotion. STRIKE THAT! This is better.

So my new suggestion is to link promotions and trophies. In the trophy settings you could include promotions, and/or in the group promotion settings you could opt to award a trophy. Whatever works! But the result is, they are promoted, and get a trophy (serving also as an alert of promotion). Award people with features and let them know.

The workaround is doing this manually, but the two systems exist, so my suggestion is... link them! Thanks
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I strongly suspect you can do something like this already. Trophies can be awarded to a user based on group membership, so create a trophy that is awarded when the user is a member of your promoted-to group.

I've not actually done this on a production site yet, but I'm experimenting with it.