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Some members on my forum are being incorrectly promoted to a usergroup. I've checked the usergroup promotion settings and it looks okay to me, I would appreciate some help identifying where I'm going wrong.

The usergroup in question, call it "Senior Member", should be active when the user meets this criteria:

1. The User is logged in
2. They are a member of any usergroup (except for banned)
3. They've made 250 posts
4. They've received at least 50 likes
5. They've been registered for 180 days

I've found some members who have been promoted without meeting the above criteria. In one example a member was promoted to "Senior Member" who had registered on May 22nd, 2016, and had made 104 posts and received 61 likes.

Based upon the above settings, they shouldn't be promoted since they don't meet all the criteria, correct? Am I incorrectly interpreting the "User is a member of any of hte selected user groups" setting?

This issue only came to my attention today, but has been happening for at least a few weeks. About a month ago I added a new usergroup promotion, call it "Active Member". Could this new promotion have anything to do with the incorrect promotion I described above? The criteria for this new usergroup is:

1. The User is Logged in
2. User is a Member of Any Group (except for banned)
3. User has made 100 posts
4. User has been registered for 90 days

Can anyone offer some insight into this?