XF 2.2 Usergroup Promotion


Hi all,

I am doing a bit of testing - plain jane vanilla promotion - Add usergroup "A" to a user when the user has x posts after x days registration . Set criteria " user must be a member of the selected usergroup: Registered

I set up a user and test the warning system on it. The user is added to a "warning" usergroup after the warning points triggered. So the end state is that the user profile has primary group " registered" and a secondary group membership "warning".

The issue is that usegroup promotion will not promote this user and add "usergroup "A" to this user profile, even though it has met all criterium. So I manually removed the "warning" usergroup and all warning points, and run the usergroup promotion cron job, the user is still not promoted.

Is this a known issue or I am setting things wrong?
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