XF 2.2 How to do incremental group promotions


I have on my site various groups and a local test server that I will use for this.

I want to be able to add a group promotion based on either posts made or length of time a user has been registered.

I will now use my test server and list the groups now.

Post 1
Post 2
Post 3.

I want to be able to add group (Post 1) to members who have made their first post.

I want Post 2 to be added and Post 1 to be deactivated thus allowing incremental changes.

then Post 3 for the final group promotion.

For each group that has been promoted I want to disable the former for the latter group in promotion.

If you will explain how I can manage this I will be able to do the Post count and length of time registered on my own.

Thank you for reading

I have posted this in other threads which you have read, but here it is again.

All members are in Registered.

Create two new user groups, 1 and 2.

Create a promotion to promote to group 1, set it for 1 message and "is not a member of" to group 2.

Members will be promoted to group 1 after 1 message.

Create a promotion to group 2 for 2 messages.

Members will be promoted to group 2 when they make 2 posts and removed from group 1.

Alternatively, set the group 1 promotion to no more than x messages set to 1.
Alright. It worked. However, simply logout login won't do anything now. I needed to Rebuild the promotion cache.

And, if I manually unchecked all secondary user groups in user's page. Rebuilding cache won't fit the user into the right user group. Simply does nothing. Guess it's how it's designed? It will be promoted to the level if criteria was met though.
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