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XF 1.5 Question re: Usergroup Promotions and Merging Usernames

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by Sonya, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Sonya

    Sonya Member

    I have usergroup promotions set up primarily for post count.

    We had a Tapatalk user who ended up with two usernames - one username via Tapatalk with 5 posts, and their existing account with 2000+ posts. Per their request, I merged the two accounts into the tapatalk username and although the user has over 2000 posts, he has not promoted out of the lower level usergroup. He had been active and posting on the board.

    I wonder why he didn't end up getting promoted. Is it because of how I have them set up to only promote from one usergroup to the next higher when the post count is reached? I have it set up like this:

    New members are restricted and then get promoted to "Regular Users" after 5 posts.
    Another promotion for members of "Regular users" once they hit 100 posts, to the 100+ usergroup.
    100+ usergroup promotes to 500+ after 500 posts, etc.

    If I remove the criteria for "is a member of the following group" and only have it based on post count, will a user in the "Restricted" or "Banned" usergroup regain permissions for the group based on their post count when the cron job runs?

    Any idea why his making post#2756, didn't automatically move him to the 1000+ usergroup from "Regular Users"?
  2. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Promotions aren't run instantly. It could potentially take an hour after someone posts crossing the threshold or even a couple hours in the worst case. You can run the promotion rebuild cache option to force an immediate rebuild for everyone.

    If they have to be a member of the 100+ group, then depending on the processing order, it could take some time for this to happen. I would probably recommend dropping the membership requirement.

    I presume you've implemented these restrictions using "never", in which case the users will no get those permissions.
  3. Sonya

    Sonya Member

    It's been about 10 days since I merged the users, so the cron job should have run several times since then. All the normal usergroup promotions seem to be working, but I had to go in an manually add the user to the secondary user groups. Not sure if it has to do with being registered via Tapatalk, or a user going from 5 posts to 2756 posts and bypassing all the levels that would trigger the promotion. I don't do this very often, so I may just need to remember to reset the secondary usergroups as I merge the users.

    "Banned" is the only group with "never" permissions. Restricted group has moderated posts, limited conversations, mentions, etc. That group gets triggered by the number of warning points, and lasts as long as those points are active. I just want to be sure that removing the "is a member of the following groups" criteria won't reset their permissions back to whatever their post count indicates when the usergroup promotion job runs. I suppose I could "disallow" the "Restricted" usergroup in the promotion settings too.

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