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When viewing the New Profile posts page here on XenForo, the Inbox and Alerts links are missing when viewed in portrait on a Nexus 7 using Chrome.


They reappear in landscape.

I think it's something to do with the browser width and the visible links in the top menu. Interesting although I don't have this issue on my site currently (I have more menu links), I did a little while ago and I think I mentioned it in a conversation with Brogan. At the time I resolved it by renaming one of my links (from Chat to Chat Room).

*EDIT* I also think the tab that's focused is related, it's only on the Members tab here that this happens. When it occurred on my forum it was only on the Home or Forum tab (I can't renember which).
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There's a slightly different tab order now. You won't be able to reproduce this here now.

Regardless, I have fixed this. It's a seriously specific case though, as it's an off by one type of error, so it means that one pixel either way (with browser width, exact font rendering, username width, available tabs and order, and the selected tab all needing to line up) wouldn't reproduce it. (Fortunately I have a Nexus 7 otherwise it probably would have been hopeless.)