XF 1.5 Importing vbulletin reputation to points or ?


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I have a vbulletin site that has used the vbulletin reputation system to reward / recognize valuable posts in addition to post count.

I'm considering what to do with the existing vbulletin reputation points upon xenforo import.

Can I import convert the vbulletin reputation points to xenforo points? Or likes?

I'm thinking of trying xenforo's built in post like / point system only as a simpler system than the vbulletin rep system rather than installing a xenforo reputation add-on, but would like to carry over the existing status / kudos members have received on the old system. (one additional small complication may be that ~20 users got a negative rep on vbulletin, so I'm not sure if that would cause a complication with transitioning vb rep points to points.)