Importing vBulletin social groups as xenForo forums?


xenForo's importer doesn't import social groups from vBulletin. Has anyone created a script/addon that imports vBulletin social groups as xenForo forums?
e.g. vb35_socialgroup, vb35_socialgroupcategory, vb35_discussion, vb35_groupmessage ----> xenForo forum

We are planning to import from [ vbulletin version 3.8.4 Patch Level 2 ] --to--> [ XenForo 2.2.10-Patch-1 ]

I converted Social Groups to XF forums -- I don't have the code available as it was cobbled together very amateurishly! However, my best tip would be to convert them to forums on the VB side before you convert to XF
I wrote an importer to import into the Snogs Social Groups addon, but it was for vB 5.x.

I could modify it for vB 3.8, but it would mean custom charges, and there are several features the current version of Snogs has which vB doesn't and it ends up with you having to manually set those for each vB group. For something like this, unless it's a very heavily used feature, it's probably better to just do as above: import them as regular forums.
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