XF 2.1 Imported IPB 4.4 to XF 2.1 - Attachments link problem


Hi! :cool:

I have a problem with conversion IPB 4.4 to XF 2.1, all the members, avatar, tags, threads, posts etc...are imported correctly, only the attachments have a problem, not a big problem, in practice they are correctly connected to the discussion and can be downloaded at the end of the discussion, but if they were originally included in the post, the download does not work because the link is the old one of IPB, simple example:

Attachment that work correctly at the end of the post

Attachments linked in the post that don't work (IPB attach in the post)

Is it a bug of the importer I used (1.2.2) or are the attachments linked in the discussions not modified?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We do not attempt to modify them and, in fact, if IDs weren’t retained then these links may not even point to the correct attachment.

You would need to implement server side redirects to solve it ideally.