Import on moved threads [?]


What should I expect [today] about from VB to Xenforo
1.) how does the photo albums move over
2.) threads that have been moved and recategorized over the years, are they able to move over
3.) Old prefetch data imported into VB - how would its move be into xen [UBB and Eve forum data]
3.) Can a plain txt or that CRV something [from a flat data perl file] be imported ?

I guess my 15 year old boards gone through a few webware programs and just wondering how it will fair up to yet another move ?

Thanks in advance


oh im sorry, its VB3.8x

anyway could I request an eve forum [sql data] import script ?
many of us old timers decade plus forums - well some are still on Eve, infopop stuff sql file and wanting to move

and can a flat file or addressbook be addressed for import. ?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can do a double import through a supported forum like IPB, vB, or phpBB. It works well but requires more effort.