XF 1.4 Import from vB 3.8 and change URL's in posts


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I'm working with import from vBulltin, and I'm doing a lot of regex/serach and replace (both with the Post Content Find / Replace add-on and directly in DB).
It have stopped a bit with old URL's in posts for creating PM/conversations.
In vB the URL's is in the format of http://<domain.com>/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=<123>
In XenFOR this is in the format http://<domain.com>/forum/index.php?conversations/add&to=<username>

I need to replace the old URL's, but how can I replace them using the old numeric uid?
I have not found any option to use the numeric uid in the XenForo URL's.

Chris D

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That isn't possible, unfortunately.

You would likely have to just remove the &to=<username> bit.

It would redirect to the add conversation page, at least, though requires users to put the name in themselves.

Chris D

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The URL to perform a search is:

http://<domain.com>/forum/index.php?search/search/&keywords=<search text>