XF 2.2 Import and activate user profiles from joomla


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I can't activate the profiles imported from joomla in XenForo (they seem inactive)

This is my procedure that I performed to perform the import (migration)
I did the first clean install of XenForo, and manually registered two test users, to download the table "_user" and "_user_profile" from the database in CSV format, populated with data, to keep them as a basis for the users to import.

I populated all the data, I imported the users and I uploaded them to the XenForo database, I do the checks and I see that the imported users exist, both on the admin side and on the user side.

The counters of XenForo, also state the numbers of the users.

Errors that I encounter and that I cannot solve.

The user-side profile page does not show the buttons:
Follow | Ignore | Start conversation | Find

It seems as if some data is missing, to be activated and recognized by the system.

Another attempt
I also tried to do a second XenForo installation and import the first installation data via "XenForo Importers 1.4.0" however the users were not imported or recognized by the system.

Mistakes I've made
I imported the joomla passwords, in the sekret_key column of the _user table.
I am aware that passwords cannot be recovered, but it is not a problem because users can recover them at the first access, through their email.
For now I am interested in storing their profiles on XenForo.
Some advice?

Thank you


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sorry but english is not my language
Do this:
  1. Register a test user. (remember ID)
  2. Go to the
    ._user_profile and
    ._user tables,
  3. and export the data for that user to csv. You will see that all the fields are populated.
  4. Now you need to populate the same fields with the correct data for all users.
  5. When you're done, go and rebuild permissions and cache on CPadmin.
  6. Install a new xenforo and follow the import.
It should work.

Keep in mind, I'm not a programmer, and I can't help you with some custom scripts, that would be too good.
But you will see, if you have time, you will do a nice job entering the data one at a time.

If you use csv files for your changes, I absolutely recommend using the https://www.ronsplace.eu/Products/RonsEditor/Download program because it keeps the data unaltered.