XF 2.2 Import and activate user profiles from joomla


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I can't activate the profiles imported from joomla in XenForo (they seem inactive)

This is my procedure that I performed to perform the import (migration)
I did the first clean install of XenForo, and manually registered two test users, to download the table "_user" and "_user_profile" from the database in CSV format, populated with data, to keep them as a basis for the users to import.

I populated all the data, I imported the users and I uploaded them to the XenForo database, I do the checks and I see that the imported users exist, both on the admin side and on the user side.

The counters of XenForo, also state the numbers of the users.

Errors that I encounter and that I cannot solve.

The user-side profile page does not show the buttons:
Follow | Ignore | Start conversation | Find

It seems as if some data is missing, to be activated and recognized by the system.

Another attempt
I also tried to do a second XenForo installation and import the first installation data via "XenForo Importers 1.4.0" however the users were not imported or recognized by the system.

Mistakes I've made
I imported the joomla passwords, in the sekret_key column of the _user table.
I am aware that passwords cannot be recovered, but it is not a problem because users can recover them at the first access, through their email.
For now I am interested in storing their profiles on XenForo.
Some advice?

Thank you