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Xenforo Gallery Import and log file for redirection


We just installed Xenforo Media Gallery into our Engineering environment to test it out on a site that we are yet to migrate in our live environment. The import from VB 4.2 itself ran smooth, my question is with the log files and redirection.

The initial VB4.2 import had already run and the xf_import_log already full with that import data. Then I started a new import form the Media Gallery import, which will first push everything from xf_import_log into archived_import_log, then clear out the xf_import_log and populated it with the Gallery import.

From my understanding the xf_import_log is critical to redirects from VB to XF, so ideally in our Production environment we'd want that table intact with the forum migration info, or change the config to point to archived_import_log.

But either way it seems as if we'll always have these 2 log files and thus compromise on the redirects from VB to XF. If that's the case then I should probably:
  • run the Gallery import first - populated xf_import_log with that
  • migrate the VB forum, which pushes the Gallery import info into archived_import_log and will then populate xf_import_log with forum migration redirects
Does this sound like the appropriate plan for our actual live site migration or is there a way to combine both of these imports into the xf_import_log?

And another concern is "finishing" the import, I clicked that form the Media Gallery and now its reprocessing users, something which had already been done and it quite time consuming given the size of the forum. Can I skip the "finish import" step on the Gallery migration or somehow run it once (if we run the VB4.2 migration last)?


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You need to run the source import (from vBulletin -> XF) first, as it requires the import log to properly associate media. You give it the same import log table so it should remain intact, but saving to a new import log for the gallery is advised.