XF 2.2 Redirect old urls after migration from JOOMLA + KUNENA


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I manually migrated the data of a JOOMLA + KUNENA website to XENFORO, because there is no official importer for it.

I want to redirect the old url to the new site. Again I will manually retrieve all the urls.

I have read and seen that there are some extensions that do this work, but they are specific to the source system.

Now that I migrate manually from JOOMLA + KUNENA, I ask, if there is an extension that redirects any url, outside the canonical systems, I can also do it via htaccess, but I would like to find a professional solution.

What do you recommend, any solution or idea for me?
Thank you


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I do not understand what you mean.

I was looking for an extension, where to collect my 301 url, and save them directly in the database.
because i don't like the idea of having 7000 url 301 on htaccess, even if the function is the same.


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Interesting that everything has to be specific.

But possible that there is not a component or a possibility, to redirect any URL of the domain, to any URL of the domain or external, without going through htaccess or be tied to the ID?
it must be all Joomla, WordPress, Kunena, Bbpress, Vbulletin ... etc. etc.? sounds absurd, right?


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For Kunena specific URLs (and any other forum that uses id numbers in the URL) so long as the import log table is populated, installing the normal vBulletin 301 add will work in conjunction with 4 custom .htaccess rules.


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It's not what you think (at least in my situation)
Having done a manual migration via CSV file, I didn't have a populated table of migration data.

I'll tell you more: I had so many menus, categories, and URLs without any IDs

Then, I wanted a solution without considering the IDs, because having migrated JOOMLA, KUNENA, CCOMMENT, as you might imagine I had the IDs triplicated on every imported data.


all three could have the same ID.

I had about 7000 301 URLs on htaccess. But I wanted to find a professional solution.

So why not make a solution where to redirect any URL with any ID (or no ID) to any other URL.

And this is where @AndyB proved its capabilities, with this awesome addon, you add all 301 URLs into your database table and like magic, all redirects work lightning-fast and like a wonder.

The power of this solution is that I can add more redirects when I need them, without being forcibly tied to the poor ID solution.

In short
With ID or without ID with this addon, you can make all the redirects you want.