Moving from Joomla/Kunena to xenForo

George Talbot

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Hi all,

My site is

It is a Joomla 1.7 site with Community Builder Installed. The forum is Kunena 1.7

My site is very slow when you are logged in a the Joomla user management system is terrible. I want to use the site to display just content and use xenForo as my member database system and forum. I dont need Joomla and xenforo to exchange any data, I just need the forum to fit into the Joomla template.

How easy would it be to intergrate xenForo into my site and transfer all the forum data and members?

Any response would be much appreciated.


I did a quick google search and I can't find anyone that's written a script to transfer members/data out of joomla to XenForo or another forum software.

XenForo already has official import scripts for several bulletin board sofwares: If you can figure out how to get your Joomla database into one of those, XenForo can import it.

As far as the styling, XenForo is probably the easiest forum software to style. On a website I recently setup actually built the entire site around the XenForo system, I imagine you could easily style XenForo into your Joomla templates with enough coding. If you want to see it in action:

Digital Doctor

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Community Builder + The forum is Kunena 1.7
How easy would it be to intergrate xenForo into my site and transfer all the forum data and members?
This will not be easy.

Options: getting Kuena to phpBB3 or vB3 first and then converting to xF.

[1] phpBB3:

[2] vBulletin:
Tier 3 support: fireboard 1.04 (Kuena was Fireboard).
Joomla - CMS (1.5)
- imports the users into a default usergroup, then bulk loads the source data types as articles.

I'm not sure this has been done before.
I'd get Jake Bunce here to get vB IMPEX to attempt a conversion to vB3. But that would cost you.

Direct Kuena to Xenforo is unlikely.

Look into maybe Kuena / Fireboard => IPB => xF.

good luck !

George Talbot

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Well, I thought that I would report back on the progress.

We decided that it would be too mcuh work/hassle trying to get our content/users over from Joomla/Kunena so we decided to just start again with our new forum.

I think we made the right decision as it has allowed us to re-structure things and learn how to use Xenforo and how to get the most out of it. So far, I am very impressed with Xenforo, the forum is lighting fast and all the members seem to love it.

Thanks for your help and advice guys:)