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The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an initiative to improve the mobile web and enhance the distribution ecosystem. If content is fast, flexible and beautiful, including compelling and effective ads, we can preserve the open web publishing model as well as the revenue streams so important to the sustainability of quality publishing.

AMP HTML is a new way to make web pages that are optimized to load instantly on users’ mobile devices. It is designed to support smart caching, predictable performance, and modern, beautiful mobile content. Since AMP HTML is built on existing web technologies, and not a template based system, publishers continue to host their own content, innovate on their user experiences, and flexibly integrate their advertising and business models -- all within a technical architecture optimized for speed and performance.
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You basically would be making a dumbed down version of your content that really isn't useable to your users (think like vBulletin's old "archive").

it's not for my users - "my" users aren't coming to the site from google.

see also: facebook instant articles.
There is a great deal of good info as well as some misinformation in this thread about what AMP actually is and ranking signals. I attended this Google Hangout on Wednesday and which is now published on YouTube and which some of you might find valuable and answer a good many questions.

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Thanks @TheLaw for posting. To help others, skip to 2:20 to get to the start of this, unless you're interested in the "can you see my screen" preamble :D

That's as far as I got but hopefully will watch sometime over this holiday break...
Increased ad revenue! For faster pages.
Yes, that is based on fact that on overage (statistical analysis from leading web stat monitoring), 53% of users abandon a mobile page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The figure climbs quite quickly within the analysis at 4, 5, 6 and 7 seconds. In fact, for a mobile page that takes 7+ seconds, you lost over 85% of your potential traffic, thus potential revenue impressions.

Getting a page between 1 & 2 seconds for desktop is optimal, which should give you around a 2.5 - 4.5 page on mobile devices.
AMP is simple... set and forget pretty much, which makes it so easy. When 5g is the standard and http/2, then turn it off and a site should lose nothing other than the amount of pages indexed. Right now... its the best we have with Google splitting their index and putting such importance on it.
It will not work if you don't have AMP support on your site.
XenForo can only have it via BD Cache addon.
I know, It's actually improving AMP by serving it to all mobile users instead of only the ones that come from Google Search.

The majority of traffic to this AMP content comes from people running searches on If a visitor finds content through some source other than a Google search, even if the content can be served from AMP, it typically won't be. As a result, the mobile web continues to be slower than it needs to be.

Making the Mobile Web App-Quick
Cloudflare's Accelerated Mobile Links helps solve this problem, making content, regardless of how it's discovered, app-quick. Once enabled, Accelerated Mobile Links automatically identifies links on a Cloudflare customer's site to content with an AMP version available. If a link is clicked from a mobile device, the AMP content will be loaded nearly instantly.
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