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Gene Steinberg

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A lot of your customers no doubt have servers using cPanel. If you have VPS or a dedicated server, you'll be offered an EasyApache option in the WHM component that lets you reinstall Apache, PHP and loads of associated modules.

I just checked — and maybe my aging eyes missed it — and failed to find an Imagick checkbox there.

Wouldn't that cause a potential problem for people who don't want to do their own custom recompiling?

Gene Steinberg

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Yes, I tried that. It was installed according to the directions. I added it to WHM in the way specified and restarted Apache.

But phpinfo still fails to show it.


Gene Steinberg

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Since nobody had an answer, I found one. It's a bug in WHM.

From their support team:

If you installed imagick with pecl there is a known bug with pecl where it installed into the wrong directory.
So double check this if you run into a problem, or have cPanel support fix it for you.