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Rat Hosting Solutions - Super Fast Web Hosting with Incredible Support!

Discussion in 'Third-Party Services & Offers' started by Quiver, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Quiver

    Quiver Active Member

    Rat Hosting Solutions is a UK-based web hosting company that specialises in providing their customers with a service tailored to their individual needs. We have tweaked our servers to power XenForo forums with the same reliability you'd expect from running your own VPS, except we take care of the hard work for you. Just ask our customers or try us for only a penny, with the coupon "1penny". 30 day money back guarantee applies.

    Read the testimonial by Rob Fritz, one of our most loyal XenForo customers. :)
    We currently host over 100 domains and yes, customers have had problems but we fix them.
    We work closely with our customers to ensure maximum satisfaction at all possible times. :D

  2. Quiver

    Quiver Active Member

    It has been a while so here is a little update:

    You can read reviews at http://www.serchen.co.uk/company/rat-hosting
    You can find out more about us at https://www.rathosting.com/company.php
    And of our Marvin hosting platform: https://www.rathosting.com/infrastructure.php

    We are also now very proud to be actively partaking in charity work and supporting our local charities. Find out more at https://www.rathosting.com/charity.php

    We have a triple-digit client base and are rated as Outstanding on Serchen.
    If you are looking for quality hosting with incredible support, just log on to:


    Remember, the first month only costs a penny with the coupon "1penny". :)

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