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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Image Resizer - Image Resizer is designed to resize all your attached images.


Image Resizer is designed to resize all your attached images.

The "Maximum Attachment Image Dimensions" setting in Options is sometimes initially set to high, this results in many very large images to be attached. This add-on will allow you to resize these large attached images to your current maximum dimensions. By resizing these large attachments, the end result will be threads which load faster and use less resources.

(Example of main page)

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Thank you so much for doing this Andy - really appreciate it.

I am just doing some testing now - do you know where I can easily find what the size of my attachments are in total? I want to do a comparison before and after.


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It tells me that "Attachments successfully updated. Click back button and reload page." after I do 1-2 , but when i go to the posts with the photos and refresh the threads, they haven't changed, they remain the same size and resolution.

Would this give any errors if imagemagick wasn't active or something like that? Otherwise it doesn't seem to work for me :(


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Ok I got it working after installing imagemagick and picking the relevant option in the attachments part.

It's working just fine, just remember if you pick to do this in batches of 100 for example, it does a random number of attachments each time, some times it will do 100, some times it will do 10-20-30, etc.

But at the end it works great, thanks!
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Thanks for coding this @AndyB :)

Is there a way that this could be made to work on Windows systems, using GD instead? I don't know if this is a tiny change or a huge rewrite - so please excuse my ignorance!
Hi Andy,

This is a superb addon and has worked very well on my forum - however it appears to have missed a couple of the attachments for some unknown reason? The images are .jpg files around 7MB - the biggest ones I have attached! Would there be any reason why it would have missed these pictures?
I am not sure what I did wrong, I just did a fresh install of XF 1.3.2 and this is the first plugin installed after an import from VB.

I have ImageMagick and exec() installed. However on accessing /imageresizer I get the following error.

You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.

I am the administrator, I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help!
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Hiya Andy,

Another Great add-on.

Question though - Rather than image physical size, could this be done based upon image file size i.e. lists images over 2mb and then works on these, keeping the original dimensions the same???

EDIT : In fact, better still, both allows image re-sizing of physically massive images AND also image file size?

Dont want much do I ;)