I'm waiting for ... to convert to xenforo


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hello guys,

This topic is for people who haven't yet bought xenforo and are planning to if certain conditions become true. (try not to state more than 5 conditions) i'll start.
im waiting for:
- an IPB importer released by xf team
- at least v1.0.1 release
- to find a nice looking style or until xenfocus.com open to business

- least important, the announcement of the court decision about IB claims.

i would like to see other stuff too but they are not very important for the time being. i know that as time goes by we will get them.

next .. :)


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only 1 reply :(
have all members here already bought xf or what :)
I'd say a good amount of us bought XF during the presale...personally, I bought two licenses during that period. The only thing that is keeping my from upgrading my boards right now is not enough time to do some testing and styling and everything else involved with moving a site to a different software. But, it shall be done in 2011 :)


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I already bought, but am buying another one when we get user photo albums. (+ability to import user albums from vB3.8)


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I'm just waiting for a few add-ons to be made that we'd need before we convert over

Sadik B

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I'm waiting for more free time once I can finish all the work at hand, which is paying me money, so that I can open a new board integrated with my wordpress site. Not moving my main VB site, as too much depends on it atm.


I've posted it here already^^

I have to port all my important vB Add-ons to xf, then i can switch 2 big boards.

The other will maybe follow, IF
the lawsuite have a happy end
a mybb & ipb importer exists (or i find a customer who needs it too, so i wouldn't need to code it in my freetime^^)
and last but not least => the price is important! i don't want to pay the full price if i'm buying more then 20 licences:p