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Convert To XenForo from IP.Board 3.2/3.1 or vBulletin 3/4


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Pretty simple.

I will convert the board types mentioned in the title to XenForo for the following prices:

Conversion Services
IP.Board 3.2.x - $20
IP.Board 3.1.x - $20
vBulletin 3.x - $20
vBulletin 4.x - $20
MyBB 1.x - $30
phpBB - $20

Prices will rise for any boards with over 300,000 posts. Nor by much though. :)

Feel free to reply here or send me a message if you require this service.

Other Services
XenForo Installation - $10
XenForo Upgrade - $5
XenForo Addon Installation - $5
XenForo Style/Theme Installation - $5


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MyBB and phpBB have been added and prices lower. Saving for a second XenForo license. :)

EDIT: Added a few other services.
I used karoshio to move my site from ipb to xF - unfortunately we lost our downloads (which I completely forgot about at the time) however was very happy with the final product and the service provided by him.

I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to transfer over.


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Thank you, Brendon. I really appreciate the kind words.

I am sorry about the downloads but as mentioned I was completley un aware about that.