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Idea for a music forum?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Trombones13, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Trombones13

    Trombones13 Well-Known Member

    As I originally posted here, I was thinking of starting a forum that used Shoutcast to have online streaming radio and allow users to control what got played, but have decided against that due to licensing requirements/costs. Now I'm wondering...would there be any way to adapt this idea into something similar, but (preferably) free and still interesting as a forum? Just posting this to brainstorm a bit; your thoughts and ideas are welcome. :D
  2. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    What licensing requirements are you talking about? Costs? Ya know, the day that XenForo came out, it was a steal at 100 bucks. I don't know how THAT is not cheap. I bought 3 licenses on day one. It saves me money because once the 1st year is up, all I have to do is spend 40 bucks a license. Nothing big.

    And hell, 140 bucks is a steal, if you ask me. vBulletin is charging 190+ per license. If you want suite, that's a [close to] $300 bucks purchase. So really. xenForo is the cheaper one around here.

    For a music site to succeed: EDGE. EDGE. And then more EDGE.
  3. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Well-Known Member

    I think he means about the "streaming music" licensing requirements and costs.

    By the way, I was thinking of doing something similar. How much does it cost per song or per artist, etc?
  4. Trombones13

    Trombones13 Well-Known Member

    Oh; no, I'm not referring to a XenForo license at all, haha--I already have that. I'm referring to the fact that I'd have to pay licensing fees in order to play any music that isn't unsigned, and the logistics of doing so were too confusing and expensive for something that I'd be doing casually, haha. Just wondering now if there's another way to go about doing something similar. *shrug*
  5. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    Oh, that. My bad. Heh.

    Carrry on. But my suggestion still stands.
  6. Trombones13

    Trombones13 Well-Known Member

    There are a few different ways to go about paying for it (which it part of what makes it confusing). Options listed on Shoutcast for hosting + royalties: http://loudcity.com/broadcast and http://www.live365.com/index.live, and I'm sure there are more. I thought I had read something earlier about a specific cost per song per listener, but I can't relocate it now.
  7. ArnyVee

    ArnyVee Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'll keep researching additional info. :)
  8. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    the online radio license cost about $100 per year

    Your best route is using windows 2008 R2. it comes with a streaming, play list, auto-everything, know-nothing-bullet-proof server :D

    Send me a PM we'll work something out
  9. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    What I can offer is a dedicated server, Setup the radio and license and you run the show (I have no time at all )
    AND the design
  10. Trombones13

    Trombones13 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the offer, but $100/mo is far too steep a cost for something like this (at least for me, who would be doing this as nothing more than for fun and is a poor college student as it is, lol). :)
  11. Blandt

    Blandt Well-Known Member

    I miss spoke sorry .. It's 100 box a year
  12. Carlos

    Carlos Well-Known Member

    You gotta understand, music sites take up a lot of bandwidth. So, this $100 offer is kinda a steal if you ask me.

    I imagine, most music sites that provide music downloads have to pay more than 200 bucks in server hosting. I know a gaming forum that is popular, and has a video game site that provides music OST's for free, yet their server charges in the 1 grand a year/month bracket.
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  13. TheBoss

    TheBoss Well-Known Member

    At the time of penning this there are 42,000 + Shoutcast Stations listed on the Shoutcast Site..

    I bet less than 0.5% have any form of music license to play or stream music...

    It is a bit of a grey area so far as if its lawfull or not , the powers that be WILL leave you alone
    if you are simply streaming music. They will jump on you if you make any sort of revenue from streaming music
    or charging for downloads, even if you make revenue from advertising they will come after you.

    As long as everything remains free you should be OK

  14. Trombones13

    Trombones13 Well-Known Member

    Yeah; from reading their forums, it seemed like a gray area, haha. Either way, getting sued isn't exactly my favorite thing :p, so I think we're gonna go ahead with licensing and pay it back via advertisements and user supporter benefits. :)

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