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Hey guys!

We recently launched our new Trance and Electronic Music forum, It's for sharing the latest Trance music releases from the scene and also discussing/sharing electronic music in general.

We had a 15 year old music forum previously on Vbulletin software, that was not only dated, but also being abandoned/deleted by the original owner. In response, the relatively small community came together and donated to keep alive and moved to a new home and new ownership. We left all the old threads, posts and member data behind (so many bots) and started a fresh. I designed the forum branding and UI myself and then with a small team decided on new forum structuring, rules, functionality, marketing and co-ordination into Xeno software.

None of us had done anything like this before, and we were a mix of British, Dutch, Danish and Serbian, working together over discord. True spirit of the power of international community, driven by a passion. Love it!. We are very happy with the results. We went for a minimal/retro/space design and both a light and dark theme. Hope you like it!