Add-on Idea for an addon and webapp or app


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So here's the idea.

I've a forum for a motoclub. We all have bikes and go ride with them, organise meeting and so on.

In our forum when some members do a good ride (like the last one to Stonehenge), one of them send out some pictures of the trip via whatsapp to another one that remained at home and this one post them on the forum, in a specified thread, so that the members here can see what's happening during the ride and follow the people riding.

It's a mean to make everyone follow the ride.

In an ideal world, having an App on the phone that let you take a picture and post it automatically on the forum, could be the best but someone have to develop such an app.

Shouldn't be possible to have a php page or something like that (a sort of webapp I think) that let you take a picture, reduce it to, say, 1024px width, and post it in the forum in a specified thread maybe letting the user choose the posting thread?

I know that one can connect to the forum via the smartphone browser and post the pictures, but this isn't so fast since the original picture is very big so has to be resized to fit and sent. I'm searching a way to speed up this.

I don't know if this can be achieved through a webapp or through an addon. Also, i'm accepting any suggestion or hint on how to do that faster...