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Tom McIntyre

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vBulletin has a paperclip icon show on each thread listing that has attachments. I have not been able to find any reference to such a feature here.

On vBulletin, clicking on the (paperclip) icon shows an overlay with links to all the images in the thread.

Since one of the options for attachment display in XenForo is to show all attachments when the lightbox is displayed, it would be very useful for our image intensive board, if clicking the paperclip would open all the attachments in the lightbox and the "show in original location" link could then be used to navigate to the post that contained the image.

We sometimes have long thread with images of many different objects and manually scanning the posts is an issue. We could change the logic in the ACP to show all attachments, but then our members are confused when they click on one thumbnail and get 20 in the lightbox instead of the 2 or 3 that were in the post they were reading.

The learned logic of the feature for users would be "you see all the attachments if you ask for thread attachments and you see attachments from the current post when you ask for post attachments."
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