i hate XF!!!


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I hate XF because xf wrecked my budget for this month because of their bulk promo!
imagine i bought one license everyday for my forum sites.

i have total of 4 license now, 2 were already deployed and remaining 2 will be migrated this week.
and this is my first ever paid forum software purchased, i usually utilize free forums.

hopefully my wife will not found this out of the budget shopping...
else shell kill me.


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We need a "hate" link next to the "like" ... lol

I agree about the offer, I bought another two too :)


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Do you mean templates as a euphemism for something more fun - or do you really mean coding templates? :coffee: <-- addict? :ROFLMAO:
I knew someone would pick up on that :rofl:
Sorry to be boring but, no, real templates.
Or shouting at google/facebook because they won't do what we want them to do!!?
Yes, Coffee Addict 100%.

Hate?: Hmm, well, XF does take up a lot of time for most I guess. Building a site esp. with a new framework ain't all plain sailing.


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Um. Who said "I hate XenForo!?" I shall bring my Machete!

Just kidding! Welcome to the family! :)


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3 migrated, one more left
i just hate you XF, because of you.
i have sleepless nights migrating my site.

if theres no xf, im sleeping early...

I HATE YOU! :mad: hehe


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At least you got something in return you can use, imagine that you were tempted to pay over $1000 on a certain other forum package and having to resell it for less than half because it turned out to be unusable.