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How would you add a blog on your installation?

I'm creating a new community, and I'd like your input on a few things. I've been reading up on the differences, but it would be great with some info from other xenforo/forum-admins.

1. Would you have the blog on a subfolder (blog.xenforo.com) or subdirectory (xenforo.com/blog)? It will obviously be about the same stuff as the main site/forum.

2. Would you have a Wordpress-blog as your mainsite and the forum as a subfolder/subdirectory, or vice versa? Would you lose a lot of potential members for not having the forum as a main site?



Well-known member
Here is a recommendation for easier bridging.
  • WordPress in root (domain.com)
  • XenForo in /community (set to community.domain.com)
I recently changed to setting .domain cookie in the library/config.php. This allows one login (using XF data).

Even though there is still plenty of work to be done, you are welcome to look at the current customizations and I'll be happy to answer your questions (if I can ...).